Dash Compliance Automation Suite

The Nerve Center For Managing HIPAA In The Cloud

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Policy Aware Monitoring

Custom Compliance Policies

Unsure about developing policies? We help customize policies which are specific to your business. Dash reminders and notifications are then mapped to these policies.

Policy Enforcement

Dash connects your written HIPAA policies to enforceable compliance alerts and notifications. With constant background compliance monitoring, gain real-time insight into the state of your compliance and ensure compliance incidents do not become HIPAA violations.

HIPAA policy creation

Compliance Nerve Center

One Compliance View

Dash is a centralized, information-driven platform allowing you to focus on your business rather than regulations. We manage cloud, administrative, and technical compliance providing you with a simple way to stay on top of HIPAA.

Real-time Notifications

Ongoing compliance reminders and recommendations are available at-a-glance in an easy to read dashboard. Email alerts direct you back into the dashboard for more detailed information, allowing you to quickly take action and resolve any issue.

Document Repository

Additionally, our document repository allows you to quickly review all regulatory paperwork — ensuring you are always prepared for any HIPAA audit or concern.

HIPAA management dashboard

Intelligent Integrations

Auditing & Backup Integrations

Elevate your compliance monitoring with Dash tools combined with logging and backup solutions. Don’t have existing tools? Dash can provide a reliable logging or backup solution to satisfy your audit and data protection requirements.

HIPAA backup and logging requirements

Compliance Reporting

Comprehensive compliance reports deliver key metrics and intelligence related to your ongoing compliance status — perfect for the monthly meeting or reporting to the board. Adopt our platform to meet your needs and integrate with the tools you know best.

HIPAA backup and logging requirements