HIPAA Compliance
For Digital Health

Leverage Dash and the Public Cloud to Get-To-Market Faster

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Build on The Market Leaders in Cloud Computing

Dash allows digital health organizations to configure, monitor, and maintain HIPAA compliant environments on the public cloud. We allow you to leverage the flexibility and scaling of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), rather than deal with the development overhead and expense of proprietary “healthcare clouds”.

AWS hipaa compliant services

Manage HIPAA & Remove Complexity

We understand that government regulations are confusing and complex. Dash is here to alleviate these concerns so you can focus on your business and building innovative healthcare solutions. Work with us to create custom policies based on proven tested templates. Then tie in your specifications to compliance alerts and reminders.

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Custom Policies

Compliance policies built around your business

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Compliance Scanning

Automated scanning of environment for compliance issues

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Realtime Notifications

Alerts and notifications for compliance concerns

One View Into Your Compliance State

Our centralized compliance dashboard enables your team to constantly monitor and maintain a HIPAA compliant environment. Dash makes it easy to manage compliance tasks, view and remediate compliance issues. Incorporating Dash into your HIPAA compliance process can reduce your compliance workload by 100’s of hours a year, allowing your team to develop better patient outcomes.