HIPAA Compliance
For Healthcare Providers

Manage HIPAA compliance across your organization and gain instant visibility into your infrastructure and compliance concerns.

Lower 3rd Party Risk and Liability

Managing your organization’s Healthcare and Health IT solutions can be difficult. Each vendor has different specifications, administrative policies, and technical controls. With Dash’s Vendor Risk Management Platform, your organization can simplify vendor intake, analyze risk and manage dozens or hundreds of vendors. Our digital vendor intake form and security and compliance scoring gives you total visibility and makes it 3rd party risk management easier.

Manage Compliance In The Cloud

Dash equips hospitals and healthcare providers with a centralized HIPAA compliance platform for building and hosting compliant solutions in the public cloud. Proprietary private cloud solutions are unnecessarily expensive and restrict your ability to easily expand your organization. Our platform dramatically decreases long-term costs and allows your team to easily transition services to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Dash HIPAA management process